OUR People Project

OUR ‘Operation Upliftment of Rural’ People Project is a Day Care model ministry for community transformation through families and children. Kids join the GEMS facility in the morning or after school to get fed, learn and develop skills, along with spiritual input.

Total No of children enrolled in the project - 50

This is a project where the GEMS is targeting a particular people group – Nat. The word nat in Sanskrit means a dancer, and the Nat were traditionally entertainers and jugglers in the royal court yard. After the extinction of the king rule, the women from the Nat community often become sex workers from a young age. The prostitution is a tradition in this community. For generations, the whole village has seen widespread prostitution, with women passing on the trade to their children. During the colonial period , the British outlawed their activities. This dried up their traditional source of livelihood and the women had no choice. They ended up in prostitution. More than 6 decades after independence, the legal framework in India still views the marginalised community through a colonial prism. The young girls are forced into this trade by giving them sleeping pills. If they refuse to go with the customers the mothers end up with beating their children.

Focus areas are:

1. Education and Coaching for the Children

2. Advocacy Assistance

3. Self Help Group Efforts like Tailoring Coaching

4. Periodical Medical Camps & Check-ups

5. Adult Literacy Programs

6. Daily Evangelistic Efforts and

Also we take care of Basic Food, Water, Health Care, Vocational Training and Self-help Livelihood Options


  1. Hopeless lives of children with no sense of direction and care
  2. Poor hygienic condition and demise of children unexpectedly
  3. Lack of education and awareness
  4. Women and children are mistreated by the high-caste people , bureaucrats
  5. Existing of social evils like unemployment, contagious diseases,   alcoholism, gambling, casteism, black-magic and sorcery, STDs etc
  6. Child marriage and child labour is also prevalent
  7. Both men and women are addicted to liquor.


Transforming Peoples to Transform Nations Mission Field: Mashibad, Bihar, India.

Joshua Rose
Mission Field: Mashibad, Bihar, India

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