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When developing Nations frame their budget, they give first priority to their defence force. They must do this to protect their soldiers who will fight against the threats from terrorists and prevent border invasion. Likewise, our Missionaries are sent to the places of darkness to preach the gospel and expand the kingdom of God and to wage war against the wicked army of Satan.


Our Missionaries are affected with bone related weaknesses because they go around hilly areas like Rajmahal, Vindhiya Sathpura, Aaravalli; They suffer diarrheal diseases

  because they live as one among the people and drink unhygienic water; They face Kidney related issues in certain places where the salt content of the drinking water is so high; They are affected by diseases such as Malaria and tuberculosis which are so prevalent in States like Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha; 

We are in the compelling position to face huge expenditure to help these affected missionaries. From April 2018 to March 2019, we had to spend Rs.1,14,29,523 (USD $1.65 Million approx.)

Following are some of the expenses that organisation spent on our missionaries’ welfare. We kindly bring this to your notice for your earnest prayers.

1. For the treatment of vital organs and treatment for accidents we have spent  Rs.55,46,962

(USD $ 80,000 approx.)


2. For 3 missionaries heart valve replacement surgery, for one missionary By-Pass Heart Surgery and for another missionary open-heart surgery we have spent Rs.24,98,038 (USD $36,000 approx.)

3. We have spent Rs.6,54,433 (USD $ 9500 approx.) and Rs.27,30,090 (USD $ 40,000 approx.) for cancer and kidney treatments respectively.

In a Financial Year, we are spending approximately Rs.1 Crore (USD$ 1.5 Million) for Wellness of God’s servants

My contribution towards Health & wellbeing of God’s Servants.

Allen Ponniah
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