How it works

Firstly you need to create a title and short description; this is what people first see either on the homepage or with the search feature. The title and short description helps people understand what your aim is and why you need the money. Your title needs to clearly describe what your project is plus it also needs to be powerful. Your short description will simply be what you are trying to achieve, try to make it brief and effective.

Secondly you need a project description; this is what people will read once they check out your page, so make sure you clearly explain what your project is about. Below are few steps included with pro tips to help you create a successful campaign.

  • Main project description – What you write here will be the bread and butter of your pledges as this description directly impacts how much money you raise. Tell people why you are crowdfunding and what the generated funds will be used for. It is vital you are clear on your objectives so your backers know that their money is being well spent. Pro tips – Be clear and sincere, just use simple language and short, sweet sentences. It will make your description much easier to read. Read your description out loud, this is the best way to spot any errors.
  • Add photos – Choose a featured image which represents and captures the feel of your project – make sure it’s good quality, high resolution plus captivating. Also in your description you can include even more photos to bring your idea to life.
  • Also tell people a bit about yourself and why you started this project and why you care for this cause, this gives the backers an idea of the type of person you are and it also helps them understand your project.
  • Share – Twitter and Facebook is the most effective way to share your project/campaign online amongst friends and families plus other members of the community. Pro tips – Add photos of the project when you share it on social media, they’ll grab more attention. On twitter check out the trending hashtags (#) and see if there is any relating to your cause.


Goal Amount
When deciding on your amount you need to find the minimum amount needed for your party and what is realistic to your backers. Choosing a realistic target can boost your chances of getting more pledges.

Payment Method
Our current payment method for project starters is Stripe. Stripe is an easy and straightforward way of receiving payments online, check out their website. It will literally take 2 minutes to sign up with Stripe at the Creator Account tab in the dashboard. Once your project is successful, Stripe will transfer the funds to your linked bank account within 7 days.

Supporting a project
Crowdfunding wouldn’t be possible without you, the backers, so we tried to make pledging very quick and easy as possible. Currently we use Stripe, it’s as easy as 1 2 3 to pledge via Stripe with a credit or debit card. As a backer you don’t need to create a Stripe account, just enter your payment details and your donations will go through immediately.