JESUS is my Superhero / Vacation Bible School Registration

Making Jesus Christ Kids #1 Super Hero

Kids in today’s society have many heroes. A lot of times they try to find their own identities in these heroes.
This two-day holiday program provides primary students with a chance to connect with the original Super Hero, Jesus Christ.
An opportunity for kids to build stronger lifelong Christian friends, play, sing, dance and learn the word of God.
The story of Jesus didn’t die 2000 years ago, Jesus is alive. And he is interested in all our lives.

Who is your SUPERHERO?

Concerns or Requests
In Case of Emergency
If we cannot reach the primary contact person, who should we call?
Volunteer Options
It takes over 20 volunteers to make this ministry a success. A variety of options are available.

Volunteer hours are 7:45 a.m.-noon each day of VBS.